Teaching and training happen within the context of intentional mentoring relationships.


Our Mission

The Caribbean Initiative seeks to strengthen the Evangelical Church in Cuba by providing pastors and church planters theological courses and biblical reference materials within a context of intentional mentoring relationships. We hope to enable hundreds of Cuban pastors and church planters to carry out their charge of calling men and women to faith in Christ and edifying the church with wisdom and understanding.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to train mentors to lead small groups of leaders in student-centered, participatory education. Course material is provided by Third Millennium Ministries (www.thirdmill.org). Our aim is to supply this material through tablets, DVD's, and other available technologies. However, technology and video resources alone will not meet the need of the Cuban Evangelical Church; they must be united with a strategy that guides and a structure that sustains. Our strategy combines four tightly interwoven components: excellent academic content, significant learning experiences, character formation, and the development of a skill-set appropriate for ministry in Cuba.

Statement of Need

The Evangelical church is growing at a steady pace across Cuba as church planters open house churches called “casa cultos.”  Yet most Cuban church planters have not had the opportunity to study in an established seminary or biblical institute, and they lack basic reference materials enjoyed by North American pastors. The success of the “casa cultos” movement and the need for biblical material makes it imperative to adopt a creative approach to theological education. The Caribbean Initiative meets this need.